Texaura is creating a positive impact

Texaura was founded on a vision and belief that we can create a better and more conscious world through sustainable practices. As we looked around, we realized the harm that unethical production and processes had done to the environment, the consumers, and the society as a whole. This realization ignited our passion and commitment towards sustainability.

At Texaura, we don’t limit ourselves to creating organic products, but we place equal emphasis on the manufacturing process, the working conditions of our employees, the durability and longevity of our products, and lastly, the upcycling and recycling processes. We understand that sustainability is not a destination, but a journey, and therefore, we continuously strive to improve and innovate.

Apart from manufacturing these products in the most ethical and conscious way, we also collaborate with local artisans and weavers to build a self-sustainable, Make-in-India ecosystem that empowers these local communities. We work closely with them to preserve their ancient techniques and skillsets while creating contemporary designs that resonate with our customers.

We follow stringent processes for workplace safety, wage fairness, healthy working conditions, and transparency that help us build a happy and positive team. Our team is our backbone, and we believe in fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace that encourages creativity, innovation, and a sense of belonging.


Our commitment to sustainability runs deep in our DNA, and we are dedicated to creating a better world through our products and practices.