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Customized sustainable linens for hotels

Have you ever wondered, what sets a hotel apart, attracts guests, and inspires loyalty?

For a hotel, customer satisfaction can be directly determined by the sleeping experience of their guests. After all, it’s where customers spend most of their time! And a good night’s sleep makes everything that much sweeter.

In the last few years, there is a growing awareness about sustainable living. The informed guests are now tilting towards sustainable labels and expect the same experience with high standards from the hotels, restaurants, and spas.

Texaura Hotel Collection
Texaura Hotel Bed Linen
Texaura Hotel Bed Linen
Texaura Hotel Collection
Texaura Hotel Bed Linen
Texaura Hotel Bed Linen

Globally, the hotel industry has acknowledged this shift in customer behavior towards sustainability and green initiatives. The hotel industry is ready to explore ways to become more sustainable and reduce carbon footprints.


Organic & You

Texaura understands that the quality of bed linen used in the hospitality industry is crucial as it impacts the comfort of guests, and also reflects the brand image of the hotel.

Sustainable bed linen made from high-quality, organic, and natural materials is an ideal choice for the hotel industry, as it offers superior comfort, durability, and breathability, which are essential for ensuring a good night’s sleep for guests.

Additionally, sustainable linen is also environmentally friendly, which aligns with the values and preferences of many modern travelers. Overall, using high-quality sustainable linen in the hospitality industry is a smart investment that can enhance guest satisfaction, promote the hotel’s image and brand, and contribute to a better planet.

Our product portfolio includes organic cotton sheets, bedding sets, and table linen.

Texaura is committed to offering craftsmanship, quality, and innovative products to meet the requirement of hotels, resorts, restaurants & spas that take into account a holistic experience for their guests – an experience in which every detail promotes wellness and invokes a welcoming feeling of comfort.

These thoughtful details and the connection that is established are what the guests remember and rave about, long after they have checked out.

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